• INITIATE is a fun, experiential one-day workshop for MEN offering you powerful tools and techniques that can be put into practice right away and for the rest of your life.


    Here are a few of the benefits of attending INITIATE:

    • Become more attractive, get more attention and stop holding yourself back from the success and confidence you desire.
    • Gain more confidence speaking to potential clients, business partners and all of your social interactions.
    • Upgrade your first impression in interviews and when meeting people for the first time.
    • Communicate with more power and presence.
    • Get out of your head and discover the true source of your power.
    • Open and connect to yourself and others so that you can be more fully self expressed.
    • Create more meaningful connections that spur your success and ignite your sex life.
    • Activate your own inner magic.
    • Enjoy better sex, deeper relationships, greater success.


    "I just got out of an all day workshop with Katherine Bird & Charmaine Haworth and I'm blown away by the magic these two were able to create. It can be damn tough running a company. It can feel like you're in a never ending uphill battle, dodging flaming arrows all while you're blindfolded and your hands are tied behind your back. As a result, stress can and does build up if you're not taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. These women helped me to reconnect with not only myself, but how I'm showing up for other people!"

    - Andrew Gottlieb

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