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Get Out of Your F*cking Head

by Charmaine Haworth and Kat Bird

Maybe you find yourself blindsided in relationships.  

Maybe your partner perhaps does something that wounds you deeply like cheating or suddenly leaving.

Maybe you can't read the signals from the woman that you just met.  

Maybe you've written a pros and cons list, made a decision based on that and found that it was the worst mistake you could have made.

And, you were totally caught off-guard.  Because being all in your head with no access to your your body and power center didn't allow you to have access to all of the information coming to you.

Men have been trained since early childhood to meet and navigate life through the brain center.  The focus of energy is constantly looking at the world through logic, rational thought, and visual information gathering.  This, in combination with the natural tendency for men to pull in this direction anyway, sets men up for failure in some ways in relationship with women.

Having all of the energy in the head creates analysis of situations and worry about what others are thinking leading to analysis paralysis.

When you are in your head, you can't see how your behavior is contributing to your circumstances.

When you are in your head constantly, you are imbalanced and less stable and grounded.

Being in your head means that you are not in your body. Your body tells the truth.

When coming from the body, you are coming from your power source.

When you come from your power source and connection to deep self you hold a sense of personal responsibility and participation in relationship.  You stop blaming others.

A relationship is about relating to another person in each moment, not thinking.

Yes, we want you to be strong in your head, solve problems, create in the world.  But,  you will be more successful in relationships if you can ALSO feel and listen and respond from your body. 

And, this is in all relationships.  We know that someone can have the perfect resume, but if you are listening to your body, you can access the feeling of whether you should hire them or not.  And, that gut instinct is usually right.

We can tell you to get out of your head but that won't work.  It just has you be even more in your head.  Just as if we were to tell you not to think about the proverbial pink elephant.

You have to experience it.

In this moment, stop and stand, feel the weight into your heel bones.  Breathe deeply into your feet.  Feel your feet and every single toe.  Feel yourself sink into the bones of your pelvis.

Breathe into your spine as you settle back into it.  Allow yourself to stay with this practice for as long as possible. When it comes to getting out of your head, conscious awareness of your body and breath begins the process.

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