• ACTIVATE is a dynamic six month group experience providing ongoing support and development for men who are ready to up-level their lives rapidly and powerfully.

    We use a five pillar approach to building the foundation for your life and your interactions with women and the world around you. Each foundational aspect builds upon the previous one to reveal and activate your power, presence and greatest potential in life and love.

    In ACTIVATE, we explore the archetypes of the king, the magician, the warrior and the lover and work with you to develop energy practices; explore how you relate to your body; connect with your spirituality; embrace your emotions and sexuality and give you tools to show up more powerfully in the boardroom and the bedroom.

  • What's included in ACTIVATE

    (because we know you want the juicy details)

    • Six live GROUP video conference calls accessible from anywhere in the world. Each call is at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST and lasts approximately 1 1⁄2 hours. The calls include training with Katherine, Charmaine and occasionally guest experts who will also answer questions about your personal challenges. You can ask your questions live on the call or if you’re unable to participate live, you can submit your questions via email prior to the call. Each call will be recorded and a link to the recording will be posted in our community Facebook group within 48 hours. The live calls will be happening on: March 27th, April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th, July 24th and August 21st.
    • Six live PRIVATE video conference calls with Katherine and Charmaine. Each call is 1 hour and will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to you privately within 48 hours. We recommend booking a consistent time and day each month.
    • INITIATE - A live, in-person one day workshop held in San Diego on June 17th, 2017. Meet Katherine and Charmaine and the rest of your ACTIVATE community in a fun filled, powerful event where you put the tools and practices you've learned into action and build a deep connections with your fellow men.
    • ACTIVATE guidebook and simple self assessments to support your mastery of each of the five Pillars so that you can start activating your own power, presence and potential.
    • Community support and group mastermind with Katherine, Charmaine and a vibrant group of fellow participants.
    • Videos, exercises and practices to go along with each of the five Pillars to ensure that what you are learning stays with you long after the program is complete. You can expect to spend about an hour each month on interactive video instruction, and 10-20 minutes each day on practicing the energy tools.

    kHi, we are Charmaine Haworth and Katherine Bird and together we work all over the world with high performing men. We facilitate powerful, deep transformation by focussing on how men show up in their bodies and consequently how they are seen and experienced by themselves and others.


    Simply put, we help men show up more powerfully, understand women more easily and have better sex. In doing so, we help the men we work with have access to the kind of life they have always dreamed of.

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  • How we structured ACTIVATE so you get lasting

    results in the shortest time possible

    (because your time is precious)

    Month 1 - PHYSICAL

    Physical relates to the body or things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind. Encompasses the
    physical aspect of being alive - exercise, physical practices, supplementation, nutrition, hormonal system, environmental toxins. How you relate to and show up in your body is how you are perceived in the world. During this month we support you to develop systems that work for you and your life.

    Month 2 - SPIRITUAL

    Spiritual relates to, or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Encompasses your purpose and connection to Source, God, Etc. We assist you in healing your connection with the divine and letting go of past trauma associated with religion allowing you to have access to your own personal truth.

    Month 3 - EMOTIONAL

    Emotional relates to your emotional intelligence and ability to feel, sort, manage and express your emotions. We explore your relationships with yourself, your community, and family of origin. We support you in processing emotions and releasing trauma that has been stuck in your body, training you to develop clearer boundaries. You are held in a safe container as you learn how to feel and express the full range of your emotions in a way that will allow you to have deeper connections to yourself and others.

    Month 4 - ENERGETIC

    Energetic is concerned with your relationship with your own and other people’s energy systems: electro-magnetic, sound, breath, meditation, Yoga, diet. We demystify the energy system allowing you to cultivate a new relationship with this part of your life. You will learn the subtle ways to develop greater power and more magnetizing presence.

    Month 5 - SEXUAL

    Sexual relates to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate
    physical contact between individuals. In this area we explore the pelvic floor, sexual practice, shame, pornography, multi-orgasmic potential, breath work, Yoga and massage and your relationship with each of these aspects. We give you different viewpoints of the sexual experiences of women - what they want and how to provide it.


    In this month, we integrate the 5 pillars to form a complete foundation for living a created, powerful life.


    • INITIATE - A live, in-person one day workshop held in San Diego on June 17th, 2017. Meet Katherine and Charmaine and the rest of your ACTIVATE community in person and experience a fun filled, experience putting the tools and practices we teach you into action.
    • Videos and articles to support your journey:
      Masculine Presence and Power: Be The Man
      Healing The Feminine Wounds: Move Past Shame, Anger and Fear
      Free Yourself From Core Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
      Playing With Archetypes: Understanding Yourself. Your Shadow and Your Potential
      Women and Sex: How to Play with the Feminine Without Losing Your Balls.
    • Recommended Reading List: books every ACTIVATED man should read!
  • Why participate in ACTIVATE

    (here are eight ways it will truly transform the way you live)

    1. You'll experience a deeper understanding of what your body is telling you so you catch yourself before you go into crisis, depression and disease.


    2. You’ll explore the nature of your own energy and how to interact with the energy of others while maintaining strong boundaries.

    3. You’ll develop a new relationship with your inner archetypes and take on cultivating those that are less developed.

    4. You’ll heal wounds from past relationships and family of origin and begin to function in the world from a place of power, joy and ease.

    5. You’ll learn tools to develop relationships so that they bring out the best in you and others and discover how to powerfully complete relationships that are not working.

    6. You will make decisions from a place of greater clarity and experience yourself as more powerful and confident.

    7. You'll develop a deeper understanding of and relationship to your purpose in life and how to pursue it.

    8. You’ll experience greater awareness and understanding of your own sexuality and learn the secrets of cultivating true intimacy.

  • Are you ready to ACTIVATE your life?

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    (what some of our clients have to say)

    "Charmaine and Kat are like the 1... 2 punch for men's growth. Charmaine goes in deep to work on those inner conflicts that might be preventing us from deeper connection and Kat shows us how to get back in our bodies so we can show up in a more embodied way, allowing us to be more empowered and present. These two women are just AWESOME. Spending even just a few hours with these women has helped me upgrade my life massively, in the way that I show up to the world. ~ Tommy Jia


    "INITIATE is part exploration of your body, part confrontation with your own mind, part interaction with two incredibly sharp and intuitive women, and all amazing. Charmaine and Kat really SEE you, and in doing so they enable you to more clearly see yourself. From there, the sky is the limit, whether you want to grow your business, your sex life, or both." ~ James Ranson


    "Charmaine and Kat do the impossible for men: they get them out of their heads and back into their bodies. Sex, sales conversations, talking to strangers: they're all things that used to make my body tense. INITIATE helped me loosen up my body and breathe fully: two things that have carried over into every aspect of my life. When I relax and breathe, I get results. Simple as that. ~ David Hrostoski



    “In ACTIVATE, I have completely reframed a traumatic childhood event. I realize how it shaped my view of women for all of my life and the way I approached sex. I shifted my entire experience of the event and it no longer has a charge for me. I am more calm; I’m not distracting myself. I’m taking my time with life and getting things right. I am more present with people. I engage more with my family, my co-workers and even strangers. I am taking things less personally and I catch myself smiling all of the time. In 6 months I have experienced an entire life shift. I have gone from wanting to divorce my wife to being more in love with her than ever.” ~ Mark S.

    “I was all over the place and ungrounded when I started ACTIVATE. After 6 months in the program, I feel more grounded now. I have been told that I am more attractive, masculine and have had a shift in my appearance. It is like I grew up in the program.” ~ Oliver W.

    “A petulant child trying to get his way has been running my life. I am aware of that and have realized when it shows up and where I can, instead of beating myself up for certain behaviors, shift my relationship to myself and to the world and make new choices in the moment. I have made significant progress in this program.” ~ Steve D.

    “I realized that I was judging my friends and others based on my own self-judgement. I have developed a deeper relationship with myself and others. My flow and synchronicities in the last 6 months has been fascinating. I’ve been struggling less and operating more in my flow. I’m creating big events with collaborations that support me. I have my first real girlfriend in 4 years and I have really let her in. I have taken on new challenges in relationship that I would not have thought possible before.” ~ Brian C.

    "A year ago, I realized that there was a gap between the man I was and the man I envisioned myself becoming in my personal and professional life. I saw this bold, courageous, confident man leading a movement to empower 50 million lives by 2020 and I needed help to embody that leader. I had been resisting working with a coach but from the first time I met Charmaine, I knew that I could shift my way of being with her guidance. And now, after 10 months of working with Charmaine and Katherine, my whole life has been shifted . I'm authentically showing up, clear about what I was placed here on earth to do, and my ability to connect with others has deepened." ~ Andrew Gottlieb, Author of The Two Week Notice and Founder & CEO at No Typical Moments

    "Katherine and Charmaine have helped me progress an incredible amount in the short time that I spent working with them. They have the ability to tell me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. They have helped me discover those things which I didn't even know existed inside of me. I was someone who had neglected listening to my body for years and was stuck in my head. With their help I have learned how to listen to my body and how I can stay in the present moment. If you choose to get their help, I promise you will see amazing results." ~Danny G.

    “I just had the best sex of my life with my wife of 15 years! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing results I’ve gotten already out of very

    little time with you both. ~ Joe O.

    “I went to INITIATE without a clue what to expect. It was a new and freeing experience for me being around other guys and seeing how open and vulnerable they could be. Charmaine and Katherine are a powerful combination and experts in what they do. After working with them, I left feeling lighter, stronger and have a much deeper understanding of myself, and what it means to be a man. I assert that this is something that we all yearn for whether we are aware of it or not. Who I am for my family and at work as a result of participating in INITIATE and then ACTIVATE makes it all worthwhile. I highly recommend these women and this work." ~ Barry M.

    “This work is incredible. Charmaine is profound service. She comes with a plan, but is willing to throw it all out the window for what the men in the program most need. Her compassion, and ability to heal the feminine wounds men carry are deeply impactful. Katherine is presence. When she is working with men, she shows up to deepen their masculine, and how they show up in their bodies. As a 500 RYT, I was blown away by the physical experience I had in a day long experience at INITIATE. These women are powerful." ~ Matt Cooke.

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