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    "How you show up in the boardroom
    is how you show up in the bedroom." ™

    Hi, we are Charmaine Haworth and Katherine Bird and we work all over the world with high performing men. Together we facilitate powerful, deep transformation by focussing on how men show up in their bodies and consequently how they are seen and experienced by themselves and others.


    Simply put, we give men the tools to show up powerfully, understand women more easily and have better sex. In doing so, we help the men we work with have access to the life they have always dreamed of.


    One of our clients had this to say after participating in our INITIATE workshop:

    "Charmaine and Katherine are like the 1 - 2 punch for men's growth. Charmaine goes deep to work on those inner conflicts that might be preventing us from deeper connection and Katherine shows us how to get back in our bodies allowing us to be more empowered and present. Really though, these two women are just AWESOME. Spending even just a few hours with them has helped me upgrade my life and relationships massively."




    Living in Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, the UK, Thailand and currently San Diego, Charmaine discovered that the same fears and challenges affect human beings all over the world. She supports smart, successful men and woman in letting go of destructive old patterns, and feeling deeply alive.


    Her clients love her deep insights, her playful, calming presence, and the powerful methods she uses to guide them in letting go of old beliefs and unlocking the secrets to honoring themselves and living powerfully.

    Find out more about her at CharmaineHaworth.com


    Katherine knows that we all have the power to heal ourselves and our lives. Katherine works with men to connect them to their physical and energetic bodies to create more powerful men capable of deeper more profound connections with self and others.


    She helps men understand their intimate relationships and have more satisfying sex lives. A Shamanic and energetic Healer, as well as a structural bodyworker and and anatomist, Katherine has the ability to connect your spirit to your path through your body. She offers profound practices to assist your journey.

    Find out more about her at KatherineBird.com


    We are available to speak at men’s retreats and conferences. Destin Gerek, Andrew Ferebee, and Michael Hrostoski have trusted us with their men and it is our honor to support the work of men that we love and admire.


    Some of topics we present on are:


    • How Do You Show up with Women?  An experiential exercise that exposes the underlying reason you aren’t getting what you want and how to change that.
    • Embodying the Masculine: Sourcing your power, presence and purpose.  How to activate your physical and energetic bodies to bring out the most feminine aspects of your woman.
    • Sex, Success and the Solopreneur: How to survive running a business, having a relationship and being The Man.
    • Playing with the Feminine:  How women are different and how they want you to play with them.
    • Embody the King, the Lover, the Warrior and the Magician: Identify your primary archetype, embrace your true self and explore the various ways you can bring your gifts to the world.


    These aren’t just talks but powerful, interactive hands-on experiences that will leave your men touched, moved, inspired and experiencing themselves newly.


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