• Activate your potential in the boardroom and the bedroom.



    A fun, experiential 1 day workshop for up to 10 MEN offering powerful tools and techniques that you can apply right away and use for the rest of your life.


    A dynamic 6 month program providing support, training and community for men who are ready to up-level their lives rapidly and powerfully inside a group setting. Includes INITIATE 1 day workshop.



    An individual, private 2 day intensive designed to elevate your life instantly. You have our full attention and will experience deep and lasting transformation. 2 follow-up calls to ensure the work is being integrated into your life.


    An individual, private and intensive 6 month program which includes our ELEVATE intensive as well as a 1 day online intensive and 6 months of coaching. Also includes a ticket to our INITIATE 1 day Workshop.

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    Many men are unable to allow themselves to feel real passion in their bodies because the...
    You are a nice guy.  That is wonderful.  We love nice guys.  But, the habit of a lot of nice guys...
    I work with a lot of people. They have a lot of bodies. Those bodies have a lot of stories....
    I am that advanced, spiritual, sexual woman whom you have been desiring and are a little afraid...
    Maybe you find yourself blindsided in relationships.   Maybe your partner perhaps does...

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